Rachel Stirlings most memorable roles

Rachel Stirling is a famous British actress. She’s renowned for her appearances in films, TV shows and on stage. Here are some of her most remarkable roles:

  1. Nancy Astley in ‘Tipping the Velvet’. Rachel portrayed a young female from Victorian England in a romantic and sexual relationship with a male impersonator.
  2. Eliza in ‘The Crimson Petal and the White’. She acted as a prostitute in Victorian-era London, with a complicated relationship with an influential businessman.
  3. Miranda Frost in ‘Die Another Day’. She was a double agent and love interest to Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond franchise.
  4. Millie Crocker-Harris in ‘The Browning Version’. Rachel starred as a supportive wife, helping her husband restore his life and reconnect with his students in the midst of a personal and professional crisis.
  5. Ann Oxblood in ‘The Bletchley Circle’. Rachel played a former codebreaker using her intelligence and skills to catch a serial killer.

Rachel Stirling’s work in the entertainment industry is remarkable. Her performances in these roles are unforgettable.

Rachel Stirling’s Early Career

Rachel Stirling’s acting career began in the 2000s. She starred in lots of different projects, like feature films and mini-series. Fans praised her roles in popular shows like “Sense & Sensibility” and “The Young Visiters“. Let’s take a look at some of her most memorable roles from her early career.

Her theater debut: “Terrible Advice”

Rachel Stirling made her theatre debut in “Terrible Advice,” at the Menier Chocolate Factory in London. She played a woman called Fliss who asked her friends for advice on relationships.

Rachel has had success in films and TV, like Nancy Astley in Tipping the Velvet, Adela Bradley in The Adventures of Adela Bradley and Millie Harcourt in The Bletchley Circle. She’s also done plays such as An Ideal Husband, The Recruiting Officer and The Winter’s Tale.

Rachel is an incredible actress with amazing talent. She’s a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry, both on stage and on screen.

Her breakthrough role in the BBC miniseries “Tipping the Velvet”

Rachel Stirling’s career skyrocketed with her breakout performance in the BBC miniseries “Tipping the Velvet“. This 2002 adaptation of Sarah Waters’ novel tells the story of Nan Astley, a young lesbian woman in search of adventure in London’s queer subculture of the 1890s. Stirling played the lead role and wowed critics with her charm and skill.

Since then, Stirling has gone on to star in many iconic films and TV shows, such as “The Game” and “The Golden Compass“. Her talent and daring career choices have earned her a reputation as an outstanding actor of her time.

“Theatre of Blood”

Witness a horror-comedy masterpiece with “Theatre of Blood“! This 1973 British film is directed by Douglas Hickox and stars Vincent Price and Diana Rigg. The story follows Edward Lionheart, a Shakespearean actor, who is out for revenge against London theatre critics who gave him bad reviews.

Rachel Stirling, Diana Rigg’s daughter, made an early career appearance in the film. Even though her role was small, it left a lasting impression. Nowadays, Rachel is known for her roles in TV shows such as “The Bletchley Circle” and “The Crimson Field“, plus movies like “Snow White and the Huntsman“.

This cult classic is a must-watch for horror-comedy fans. So, if you’re looking to explore Rachel Stirling’s early career, “Theatre of Blood” is the perfect place to start!

Rachel Stirling’s Television Roles

Rachel Stirling – an English actress. She’s been in tons of films and TV series. Her most famous parts are from Doctor Who, The Bletchley Circle and Sherlock. Awards for her performances – she’s a winner too! Let’s remember some of her standout roles.

“The Bletchley Circle”

“The Bletchley Circle” is a famous TV show starring Rachel Stirling. It follows four WWII codebreakers, who reunite in the ’50s to solve London crimes.

Rachel has starred in many other popular productions. These include “Tipping the Velvet”, where she plays Nancy Astley, and Lady Sarah Chatto in “The Crown”.

Audiences and critics love her acting. She brings complexity to each character. Rachel Stirling is one of the most talented performers of her generation.

Pro tip: If you’re a fan of period dramas and crime thrillers, Rachel Stirling’s work is a must-see!


“Detectorists” was a British TV series which aired between 2014 and 2017. It focused on two pals who were passionate about metal detecting and their treasure-hunting escapades.

Rachel Stirling was cast as Becky, the wife of one of the lead figures, Andy. Throughout the series, she provided a support system for her husband and his mate, which added to the funny and heartwarming storylines.

Stirling is well-known for her other noteworthy TV roles, including Millie Harcourt in “The Bletchley Circle” and Mary Shelley in “Frankenstein’s Wedding.” Her versatility as an actress was evident in every one of these shows. She brilliantly depicted complex characters with realness and depth.

Whether it’s her role in “Detectorists” or her other performances, Rachel Stirling is a gifted actress who keeps viewers enthralled with her outstanding acting skills.

“Doctor Who”

“Doctor Who” is an iconic British sci-fi TV show that has been enthralling viewers for over 50 years. It follows the journeys of a Time Lord, referred to as “the Doctor“, as he time travels and explores the universe in his TARDIS.

Rachel Stirling is a gifted British actress who has appeared in many TV shows and movies. Some of her most memorable roles are:

  • Millie Harcourt in “The Bletchley Circle“. Stirling is a former codebreaker who uses her knowledge to fight crime in post-WWII London.
  • Nancy Astley in “Tipping the Velvet“. Stirling stars as a young woman who falls for a male impersonator in Victorian England.
  • Detective Inspector Georgina Dixon in “The Body Farm“. Stirling portrays a determined detective who unravels mysteries with forensic science.

These are just some examples of Rachel Stirling’s impressive acting range and versatility.

Rachel Stirling’s Movie Roles

Rachel Stirling is a much-adored actress since the beginning of the 2000s. She has acted in many films, TV series and theatrical plays.

Let’s examine some of her most remarkable roles and the characters that she has portrayed. By doing this, we will be able to look back at Rachel’s fantastic career and admire her artistry.

“The Young Victoria”

“The Young Victoria” is a period drama film starring Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria and Rachel Stirling as Duchess of Kent.

Rachel Stirling, daughter of Diana Rigg, is a well-known actor, known for her versatility and acting skills. Some of her iconic roles are:

  • Nancy Astley in “Tipping the Velvet”,
  • Minnie in “The Bletchley Circle”,
  • Millie in “Detectorists” and
  • Dr. Zoe Wade in “The Body Farm”.

Rachel Stirling’s role in “The Young Victoria” was minor, yet she brought depth to her character and blended in with the talented cast.

“The World’s End”

“The World’s End” is a 2013 British sci-fi comedy. Rachel Stirling has a minor role as Sam Chamberlain.

Stirling has acted in many movies, like the spy thriller “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” (2011). Her most remarkable role was in the British TV drama “The Bletchley Circle” (2012-2014). She played Millie Harcourt, a codebreaker-turned-detective in post-WWII London.

Stirling’s powerful and nuanced performances in both these shows show her range and depth as an actor.

“Churchill: The Hollywood Years”

Rachel Stirling starred as Princess Elizabeth in the satirical comedy movie “Churchill: The Hollywood Years”.

The movie was a fictional alternate history of WWII. It featured Christian Slater as Winston Churchill, who transitions from politics to the film industry and ends up in a real war.

Rachel’s portrayal of Princess Elizabeth was satirical and irreverent.

Other famous roles of hers include Nancy Astley in BBC drama “Tipping the Velvet” and Millie Harcourt in ITV period drama “The Bletchley Circle”.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Rachel Stirling’s most memorable roles?

Rachel Stirling is known for her versatile acting skills and has portrayed many memorable characters. Her most notable roles include Millie Harcourt in “The Bletchley Circle,” Anna in “Tipping the Velvet,” Mari in “The Crimson Petal and the White,” and Adelle DeWitt in “Dollhouse.”

2. Which of Rachel Stirling’s roles earned her critical acclaim?

Rachel Stirling’s performance as Natasha in the 2016 production of “War and Peace” earned her critical acclaim. Her portrayal of the passionate and headstrong character was praised for its depth and subtlety.

3. Did Rachel Stirling receive any awards for her roles?

Yes, Rachel Stirling has received several awards for her acting. She won the Best Actress award at the 2006 Theatregoers’ Choice Awards for her role in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2004 Laurence Olivier Awards for her performance in “An Ideal Husband.”

4. What is Rachel Stirling’s most recent role?

In 2020, Rachel Stirling appeared in the TV series “Quiz” as Sonia Woodley QC. The series dramatized the events leading up to the scandal of the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” quiz show in 2001.

5. What is Rachel Stirling’s acting background?

Rachel Stirling is the daughter of actors Diana Rigg and Archibald Stirling. She trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London and began her acting career on stage before transitioning to film and television roles.

6. What upcoming projects does Rachel Stirling have?

As of now, there are no announced upcoming projects for Rachel Stirling. However, she continues to work steadily in film, television, and stage productions.