In hopes of serving you better, we have added this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for your convenience. Now you could already check here all the most common inquiries our guests have on a regular basis and see if you could actually get an answer to your questions here. This is also made to guide you in navigating the site.

FAQs – Rachael-Stirling.com
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Are you an official website of Rachael Stirling?

No, we are not, nor we are affiliated with her and/or with other organizations. We are a separate entity that is non-profit. This site is simply made to give convenience to the fans of Rachael Stirling as they look for information about her on the internet. We supply it all here.

Do we need to register for an account before we could access the content of this site?

No registrations are necessary unless you want to sign up for our newsletter or you want to enter our community. By then, an account is required.
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Do you need credit card information upon registration?

No, we don’t. We do not charge for the registration process. As a consequence, any payment information is not anymore necessary.

Is my information safe?

Yes, it is. Through the years of service, we had upgraded the security of this site. Your information will not be stored and used to gain anything for the company. It won’t even be phished because the whole site is protected by the best security system in the whole World Wide Web.

Do you sell any Rachael Stirling merchandise?

No, we don’t. But don’t worry. You could check out where you could get the items you are looking for at the community or forum page. This is one of the subjects often discussed there. You could also ask the members of the community regarding this inquiry.