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It was nice creating this page for Rachael Stirling fans like me. No, this is not her official page like I’ve been telling people who have been throwing the question through the page’s forum, and through inquiries being sent via email. This is simply created by a group of people who simply love her craft and wants a page where they can see all the updated information and news about her. It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes how vast the internet can be. So we have created this page to properly collate all fan paraphernalia to be enjoyed by the fans.

We are not a formal organization in a sense that we get to profit from this website. We are not affiliated with any other organization. Instead, we are a separate entity wanting to deliver assistance to other Rachael fanatics like us. We only get some form of earnings from the merchants who choose to advertise with us. Nonetheless, all the work we do here is voluntary. We have time and time again acquired people who’d like to help, and this is what helped us last this long in providing service to everyone. We also have sponsors who help us spice up a little the life of the Rachael Stirling fans who follow us here.

This page was created in 2015. Since then we have acquired already several thousand visitors regularly. These visitors helped us in improving this page for the better. Constantly they have been giving us suggestions and recommendations on what to do better and how to improve more. We hope that you continue in supporting this page so that we could last longer and we could give more updates on Rachael Stirling. Sign up for our newsletter so you’d always be updated on the latest happening on this page.